FS: Apple IIc LCD Flat Panel Display

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FS: Apple IIc LCD Flat Panel Display

Selling a slightly used Apple IIc LCD Flat Panel Display. It was not used on a regular basis as a monitor. Usually just periodically taken out of the box to check that it still works.

Today was one of those days to test it out, and some pictures taken using my old phone camera (apologies for the picture quality) are below:


An Apple IIc LCD and more information about the product can be found in http://shrineofapple.com/blog/2011/09/28/iicflatpaneldisplay/

From recent eBay auctions, I've got a fair idea of price -- one NIB item recently sold for like $999, so mine's definitely lower than that.

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Re: FS: Apple IIc LCD Flat Panel Display

whoa, very cool.

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Re: FS: Apple IIc LCD Flat Panel Display

I remember Roy Scheider using this on his IIc in 2010: The Year We Make Contact. From the front, it's such an irreducible design--a simple rectangle. It was a cool concept, but the IIc being "luggable" at best, was so crippled by the power supply requirements, it was just impractical as a portable computer (at least compared to the GRID Compass 1101). The Macintosh Portable was even worse in this regard. Of course, the 1980s had miniaturization down. Batteries were the big problem. (Like the Motorola DynaTACs melted and engulfed in flames.)

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