FS: Apple Network Server 700/200

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FS: Apple Network Server 700/200

*FREE* Just pay the shipping.

I'm trying to clean out my attic, and have an Apple Network Server 700/200 that needs to go to your house. Case is in pretty decent shape, only physical weirdness is the LCD display is loose (needs to be glued down). I attempted to max out the RAM (512 MB) , but as I recall it would only recognize part of the DIMM sticks. No hard drives are in the machine. When last I booted it (3-4 years ago) it worked fine. Obviously, if there's any interest I can track down the serial cable and some power and boot it again.

Zip is 27527. Machine weighs about 84 lbs, and is 24.5 x 16.5 x 18.0 HxWxD, so says everymac. Those interested are welcome to pickup.