FS:2,600 3.5" Floppies (Not HD) of Pre-PPC Mac Software

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FS:2,600 3.5" Floppies (Not HD) of Pre-PPC Mac Software

I recently traded for a bunch of stuff including boxes and boxes of used 3.5" floppies (Not HD) of pre-PPC Mac software that I want to pass along. Very few of the packages are factory labelled, as most are back-up copies. I don't have a machine to confirm their viability to run, but was told everything was in operational order. There are a lot of programming sets (C language and Hypercard), and other utilities (screen savers, laser printer drivers, etc). There are about 2,600 disks in this collection which came from a major school whose ID I promised I wouldn't reveal.

The whole pile is pretty heavy, but if someone thinks they want it, I will ship it in one go. I'll accept $50 plus the shipping cost. If I don't get any offers on this deal choice within a week (by November 18), I'll start entertaining offers for shipping one or several disks at $1 per disk (including shipping within the USA). There are many titles (haven't been seeing any games in the stacks but it's possible) most are utilities. If you've been looking for a specific title, let me know after the week is up and I'll look for it. Fortunately the collection was mostly alphabetized. No I am not going to generate a catalog of this library. If I don't get any requests by November 25, I'll sell the lot to some disk recyclers.

If interested, send me a Private Message.

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