FS:Apple IIe Un-Enhancement Kit Including 6502 CPU

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FS:Apple IIe Un-Enhancement Kit Including 6502 CPU

That's right Apple IIe fans, now you too can un-enhance your Apple IIe computer. So I'm about to enhance several IIe's, and I don't know what to do with the left over IC's. I think each kit has 3 ROM's and one 6502. I will sell either the ROM's or the 6502 separately, or as a package. These will all be functionally tested (as best as I can by booting the system and running a program). Of course the 6502 sells on Ebay, but not for much. I think that for the shipping cost + $2.00 I'll send you a set within the USA. I can probably get them in anti-static foam, in an anti-static envelope, in a padded envelope, and they'll be okay in shipping. Or in the anti-static stuff in a small box. Your choice. I'm guessing I'll have four sets of these. PM me with any interest.