Garbled screen, but progress

So the first thing I tried was swapping the RAM out and that had no effect.  I then had a look at the EF ROM.  Testing it wasn't too difficvult, and with the air of an Arduino and breadboard I descovered that blocks of the rom appeared blank.  I read the rom a few times and the blank areas moved about.  I put a PCB together with a ZIF socket and soldered the connections to make certain the blank areas weren't a loose connection.  I then downloaded the rom, bought an EPROM and turned my reader into a programmer.  However with the faulty rom replaced very little changed, however I did get "Apple ][" appear at the top of the screen.  Swapping a few logic ICs didn't make any difference so it was time to break out the big guns.  With an oscilloscope I descovered that the address bus loops very strange.  The voltages on the bus doesn't seem to drop to much below 4.6v, in fact I'm amazed it has managed to do anything at all.  The other thing I have notices is that a few ICs seem to be getting a bit warmer than I would expect.  The ICs LS245, 341-0170-A, 74166, 6502 and 341-0150 are all getting a bit hot.  I previously swapped the 6502, so my guess is that the 6502 is getting warm because something else is holding its address lines high.  The ROM is easy, I can just burn an EPROM and swap it out. the logic ICs are on order.