GBBS Pro & Uthernet II

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GBBS Pro & Uthernet II

I am trying to find someone who may have info or know something about modifying GBBS Pro 2.2 to be able to use the Uthernet II card instead of a modem. I have tried to find Stephen Schaefer who wrote GBBS originally with no luck, so I am hoping someone knows something about what I am asking.

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To the best of my knowledge Greg Schaefer wasn't involved with GBBS Pro but rather the DOS 3.3 original version of GBBS. I'm looking at a copy of the original instructions from 83 right now.  And trying to find programming info for ACOS versions of the software. I think the first release of the pro version was by some guy named Lance.  At least that was the name on the retail version.  Whoever updated the last version 2.2 I've seen a reference to someone named Shaefer but who knows. I'm currently working on a GBBS Pro 2.2 myself but will be using a Raspberry Pi for my network connection rather than a modem.  I'm pretty sure the configuration is simular but there should be a number of people in here that use the uthernet II.  You might look at the configuration process with the PI.  Have you setup your no-ip yet? Is your question about the ACOS language?

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