Giant pile of vintage 68K mac stuff in my living room is now also on Ebay.

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Giant pile of vintage 68K mac stuff in my living room is now also on Ebay.

Hello all

I cleaned out a storage unit a few months ago. I've finally had the time to list most of the stuff on Feebay. I wanted to give everyone that reads this board an opportunity to bid on them, even if it is bad netiquette. Take in mind that some of this stuff was sitting in that storage unit for up to 8 years.

Some stuff doesn't work, some stuff probably needs to be recapped, some stuff just needs a PRAM battery, as far as I can tell. I don't really know for sure about any of this. I've done the best I can to go through them honestly and to be as descriptive as I can without spending hours and hours and hours screwing around.

It's basically all in various stages of decay, it is almost universally yellowed with age and dirty from being in storage. I've tried to be as brief and clear as I can on the Feebay about this. I tried to list the remaining pieces at prices that I honestly hope are cheap, so that some real enthusiasts out there can snap this stuff up. Set your watch lists, and don't get auction sniped!

Short list (some things might be missed): -- all these computer are starting at 20 dollars or less, the quadra 900 and the LC system in the bag are starting at 40 dollars.

Classic II non working
Mac SE non working
Mac Plus non working with keyboard and mouse
Macintosh II non working
two Quadra 605's
Quadra 610
two Quadra 650's
Quadra 900
LC III with bag and 12" RGB display keyboard and mouse
A couple of sad Performas that probably no one wants, or wants to pay shipping for...

There are also 5 external Hard Drives -- starting at $10 each
5 external disk drives -- starting at $5 each
keyboard and mouse sets -- starting at $5 each
Twisted Pair Tranceiver, Ethernet stuff, phoneNET stuff, all starting at $5 or less
5 printers or so -- $5 each
and some random internal cards that were in some baggies in a pile, also $5 dollars each

Anyway, here's the link to the whole list of stuff I have up. The only thing I have left to list are two UMAX scanners and some monitors. I hope to get to them tomorrow morning and they will also be starting at $5 each.

There's a Post Script to every listing explaining how I'll bend over backwards for you to combine shipping and whatever else you ask me to do, short of driving it to your house...actually if you paypal my gas I might do that too.

Thanks! And I hope that someone on here reads this and feels like giving some of these computers a little love. They need it!