GT-6144 Graphics Board emulator using an Arduino

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GT-6144 Graphics Board emulator using an Arduino

I recently had a great interest in learning anything related to the Apple 1, because I'm a fond of retro computing.
I will hopefully soon buy a Replica 1 to play with (if Briel is responding to my email someday)
I stumbled upon the GT-6144 Graphics Board page on this great website, and was wondering if anyone still have one working and wired to his/her Apple 1 ?
There is a guy who appears to have one here: (but not related to Apple 1)
I saw that the little Arduino UNO board have a TV out library allowing to output 128x96 pixels on a TV screen.
So I started to try emulating the GT-6144 Graphics Board with my Arduino.
Unfortunately I don't have any Apple/Replica 1 to test this, so, maybe if someone could test this, that would be great !
Here is the Arduino program with All instructions included:
As I'm not an electronic guru, I'm not sure that the wiring to the Apple 1 is correct (It's mainly based on what I read here: )
Hopefully, It can emulate the GT-6144 board 64x96 graphics, and I also included a special enhanced mode for 128x96 graphics
I really hope someone can test this until I get my own Replica 1
or even better, if anyone can compare it to a real GT-6144 board, that would be awesome !

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Re: GT-6144 Graphics Board emulator using an Arduino



You need to talk with Corey.

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Re: GT-6144 Graphics Board emulator using an Arduino

I am the one you mentioned with the GT-6144. I was really glad to snag that. I don't know any fellow collectors that have one despite asking around periodically. I was unaware of it's connection to the Apple I until recently. I haven't had a chance to try it out but will soon... just have a lot of projects on the go at the moment.

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