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Hello from a new member


I just joined because I saw that you had this Apple II forum.

I'm one of those many people from decades ago that used to work on them.
Then I was a member of a BBS called "The PigSty" (where pigfont came from) and worked at Roland US where I also did some Apple II programming for them in my spare time. (I was a fulltime repair tech.)

My first Apple was an Apple II+ with 48K. 1979 or so, I think.
It changed configurations many times, having Sider hard drives, a Dtack68000 board, Gibson Lite pen (I was an early user) and many other bizarre peripherals, some home-made.
I still have some cards and most are shown on my small Apple II page at my website below:


I also recently started playing around with an old Mountain Computer A/D, D/A board and did this small video of what I came up with after a few hours of work:


Fwiw, I also have an Alpha Syntauri 5 octave keyboard I want to sell.
No Mountain music cards or anything else for it, but oh well.
Also some broken Sider drives and controllers lying around I can't use.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

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Re: Hello from a new member

Welcome to the board! Another place you might want to visit is comp.sys.apple2 either via a newsgroup or via Google Groups. Lots of discussions about the Apple II. Also, I'm sure you're aware of the various websites where you can download old Apple II software to either run in an emulator or turn back into real disks with programs like ADT and ADTPro.

An interesting collection of stuff you have pics of on your website.

Again welcome, hope you sticvk around and contribute to the community.


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Re: Hello from a new member

Welcome, Neon Forests. Thanks for dropping in. There's a fresh pot of coffee in the kitchen, please help yourself.

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Re: Hello from a new member

Welcome Aboard Neon.
We can always use another Apple II person.
Checked out your site. You've got some really nice expansion cards. Smile

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Re: Hello from a new member

Hello Neon,

Welcome to this forum !
You have very rare cards. And your videos are very impressive.

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Re: Hello from a new member

I happened to toss a link from your website over to a coworker and asked him jokingly if he had a clone. (Said coworker is into synthesizers, mechanical and electronics fabrication, and as of fairly recently, Apple IIs.) Turns out he says you're a friend of his. ;^)

So anyway... welcome aboard!

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Re: Hello from a new member

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Some of those peripherals I regret selling, but I never really got along with Prodos.
I know there was some sort of shell or app that tried making it appear DOS3.3-like, but it wasn't reliable.
I think the author had died too. Sad

The other ones like the Eprom burner and accelerator are those "pry them out of my cold dead finger" types.
The DAC and ADC boards too.
Just too valuable for a tech.
(and I could probably make a really nice lie detector with 16 analog input for parties. Wink

Anyway, I keep a couple of those blank proto boards here in case some ideas strikes me and I'm able to making something.
But for the most part I just enjoy the relaxing environment of Applesoft.
I've given up the grandiose plan of controlling my house with the thing.
It's a geodesic dome and doesn't lend itself to wiring easily.

Does anyone have a need for any of the Sider stuff here?
Or perhaps drives or knowledge to get one of mine flying again?
They did support DOS 3.3 really well.
Everything worked nicely, even though they were fairly loud.

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Re: Hello from a new member

The last batch of CFFA cards were suppose to support Dos 3.3 if I am not mistaken. These would be very quiet.


As for the siders, what is wrong with yours? HD froze? Being a SASI HD, I seem to recall people replacing them with SCSI. With using the Ramfast SCSI card. Not the Xibeck one. Have not pulled mine apart to find out what kind of HD it is. For all I know they may still work. Using a SCSI HD and the Ramfast, but not Dos3.3. Now the program DosLauncher will make disk images of Dos 3.3 to be used on a ProDos partition. The way disk images are used on an emulator.

Take Care

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