Hello, World! Just registered and I already have a big weird question.

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Hello, World! Just registered and I already have a big weird question.

Maybe not that weird lol

I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to port Applesoft basic onto an NES cartridge.  I'd be tickled cyan if I could program some GR graphics or a text game through that console.

Keyboard input, I think, would be the most daunting aspect in the bits and pieces of my imagining the concept so far.  Memory management would be a pain but perhaps using something like an Everdrive (an NES cartridge that accepts an SD card and has internal storage for save files) could be an option?

The processor is essentially identical to the 6502 so I'm sure it's feasible yet my meager Google search skills have yielded nothing.


(HELLO, WORLD! Just an old kid who started programming around age 3 in 1981 because my Dad was doing it. My kindergarten teacher probably thought I had problems just because she didn't know what a FOR NEXT loop was, let alone why I was trying to preach about them to the other children. Then there was high school... girls, guitar, partying... I may have missed out on witnessing years of progress in programming capabilities but I'm an 8-bit junkie at heart. Maybe I can figure out how to play "Little Brick Out" with a Nintendo zapper? Just a random thought lol. Greetings, all!)

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Getting the Applesoft

Getting the Applesoft graphics code to work with the different memory mapping of the NES graphics would be a major undertaking.  It probably wouldn''t be that hard to port from the original Microsoft 6502 BASIC code to the NES.  That code is available somewhere on GitHub I think, but I'd have to search for it since I don't think I have a link handy.  However that BASIC code, which can be assembled for a variety of target architectures would still need some work.


OK,,,  I found it.  If you google "Microsoft 6502 BASIC source code" you will find a lot of links.  This github link looks pretty good.








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