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I have a ROM 01 IIGS. I also have an external SCSI hard drive. I have been trying in vain to find a SCSI card to connect it. When going through my stash of Apple parts I found a cable and terminator block. Years ago this drive was connected to the GS so I connected it to what I thought was a SCSI card and it works. No big deal, right. Well the card that is controlling this SCSI drive is an Apple Super Serial card and it works perfectly. I can access all three partitions on drive and run all the programs that I have tried. How can this be? Any comments?

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probably a mystery - maybe not.....
the first problem:
can you make pictures of the drive
and the interfacecard used
and if possible also from the used cable
( displaying both plugs ) and giving here links to that pictures ?
It´s one thing claiming a configuration - and another to see it....
under normal conditions ( if it´s confirmed the configuration has been
claimed correct ) i´d like to examine this before making any kind of guesses...
at the moment i am missing several informations:
from which company is the external "SCSI" drive ?
In early days some companies made external drives that can be by mistake thought to be SCSI, but are not...
and sometimes people buy a card claimed to be super serial card - and later it turns out not to be a SSC...
what seems to be at this point clear - is that card and drive are connected by DB25 plug cable....
i would not dare to go further ahead with my statements or guesses at the moment..

at the moment it seems to me like the posting:
"i´ve seen a Morris Miner being fast than 100mph!" how can this be ?
after some questions it turns out:
The Miner jumped over the top of the cliffs at Cardiff ...
and it was faster than 100mph while dropping down - before it crashed at the coastlevel...
in fact: the first statement turned out to be unbelievable but true....


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