iMac G3 drive problems

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iMac G3 drive problems

Few weeks ago I picked up a slot-loading iMac G3 (my first Mac, period) off craigslist for a song...however, both drives seem to be shot. The hard drive only makes 'clicking' noises, and the optical drive is all over the place.

Originally, the optical drive had problems grabbing discs and couldn't eject them at all. However, it could read discs fine. While cleaning the iMac, I took the drive out and opened it up, finding nothing visibly wrong. After re-assembling, now it won't take discs at all and seems to just firmly clamp on to them half-way in, getting stuck.

I've already started hunting for replacement drives, but before I pull the trigger on anything, is there anything I can do to rescue the optical drive? I can find IDE HDDs for dirt cheap, but the optical drive is fairly hard to find for a decent price. Any help?