joystick question

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joystick question

hello, I have not been posted article for a long time, just because I want to investigate something. recently, I found this one.

so I went to sell second hand store for bought thumb of joystick.

I follow it and investigate. but I was failed. so I want to ask everyone.

I use 10K trim pot and add some capacitors but no matter how to adjust it won't permanent position.

schematic diagram I have a little confuse. can you tell me how to connect gnd and 5v.

I measurement thumb stick resistor value around 8.5k. but double thumbs of joystick value 120k. so it won't adjust and add trimpot.

how to create this thumb stick. I want to make it right. hope everyone can solve it and teach me. thx

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Re: joystick question

If you would have searched more here you would have found rhis:
and if you would have read that thread you would have seen this link:
there is the entire info about gameport and joysticks !
sincerely speedyG

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