Just about to embark on a Mimeo 1 build up - components required.

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Just about to embark on a Mimeo 1 build up - components required.

Hi all, long time amateur radio and computer freak here, after spending a few years restoring some older valve radios and amplifiers I am now looking to add a vintage computer to my setup.

I have had a good look around at what's available and have decided on building a Mimeo 1; the hard way; that is as true to original as I can.

Half the fun for me is sourcing the parts, and luckily for me I run a small parts business here in the UK for radio stuff, so I have a good sourcing loop in place. That said, before I wander off and spend loads of time sourcing everything I thought I would give a shout out to you guys and see who has multiples of the original parts with or good replicas they are willing to sell to me.

I am looking to get this working fairly quickly as I want to interface this to my radio (which is the part I am really looking forward to - finding a new use for vintage gear), I am also happy to buy current chips and run them until the right date coded parts turn up. At the moment I have not purchased anything, so I am after everything, specifically the correct sockets and then all soldered down components so I don't need to dig them back out later and I am more than happy to pay an honest rate, so please drop me a line with what you can spare for me.

I was also wondering if there were any other HAM's here playing with interfacing vintage radios to vintage computers ?

Kind Regards