Linedoubler, Framedoubler and Upscaler for the Apple-Series.

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Linedoubler, Framedoubler and Upscaler for the Apple-Series.


i have been testing some devices for better viewing pleasure Wink of Apple II content. My first try was using one of the cheap GBS-8200 RGB to VGA converter but it was not very good. I found some old RGB (, CVBS, YC and YUV) to VGA converter meant for CRT Projectors that allowed 640x480 at 50/60hz and 640x240 at 100/120hz from PAL/NTSC sources. These devices were produced by a Germay company between 2000 and possibly 2006. I have posted my results so far on a German forum. But beware, its in ... german Blum 3

The first post in that thread does not contain my personal capture, but some examples from online sources. The posts #3 and onwards contain my capture of the visuals.

Im surprised that one device families especially, was able to produce very nice looking and nearly identical reproduction of color compared to a Sony PVM HR display.

The later posts contain some videos i have captured off a Commodore 64 using YC to test that as well. Since the C64 is a PAL model, the framerate is 50/100hz and is only viewable on some TRTs whereas all my VGA CRTs could display it.

I will try to get an OSSC (open source scan converter) next and i would really like to get one of the VGA cards for the IIgs from japan as well. Maybe it fits onto a VOC Wink