Lisa’s Final Days

These papers document the Lisa’s final days :-(

The Lisa lived a rather short life, but in terms of its feature set, these lived a much longer life since they were to some degree propogated to other systems such as the Apple Macintosh and the machines running the Microsoft Windows operating system. At the end of the Lisa’s life Apple Computer provided both hardware and data upgrade programs. You could buy at a reasonable price a Macintosh Plus computer in exchange for your Lisa. You could also migrate your Lisa Office System documents to the Macintosh via a migration program which ran on the Lisa Office System in conjunction with a suite of programs which ran on the Macintosh. Apple also supported the Lisa hardware in terms of service until 1995.

Sun Remarketing of Logan Utah sold the Lisa after Apple discountinued it as a product. Sun’s sales efforts lastest in the late 1990s as far as I know. Currently (2003) Lisas can be found on eBay for a reasonable amount (this applies only to the Lisa 2 model, the Lisa 1 model is rather rare and fetches many $1000s of US dollars among Lisa collectors).