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Lisa II

I have 3 Lisa IIs, (two 2/5 and one 2/10).  They have been in storage the last 30 years and unfortunately the batteries were not removed.  the I/O boards have some corrosion but may be salvageable and the contacts seem OK.   However, two of the motherboards are toast (as least as to the 60 pin sockets).  I heard that Sapien makes a replacement (but I don't know the cost and whether they are still around).  


Also the boards were removed for cleaning and again unfortunately due to mislabeling (mea culpa) I'm at a loss to what goes where (including the PS).  Before going further is there ahy reference to part number on these boards (or revs) as to identify whether they're 2/5 or 2/10.

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Lisa Motherboard

I can tell you that the Sapient boards are still available.   PM me if you want more inforation.   


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