Looking for good dump of the Apple II Rev. C SCSI Card PALs

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Looking for good dump of the Apple II Rev. C SCSI Card PALs

I have here an Apple IIGS that I've been trying to fix up for a friend. The SCSI card is busted, it basically acts like it isn't even plugged in. I was able to borrow another (Rev. C) SCSI card, and that works with the existing hard drive setup.By exchanging parts between the good card and the bad card, I've been able to verify that the problem with the bad card is that it's PALs are defective. All other chips and the ROM are OK. The card works with PALs from a known-good card. The problem is, the working PALs are read-protected! The bad PALs aren't, but when I dumped them and burned new PALs based off those dumps, they didn't work either. So I really need dumps of a known, working 342-0415-A and 342-0416-A 16L8 PAL to fix this card. Can anyone help? Multiple clones of this card have been made, good dumps of these devices have to be floating around somewhere. With Apple's PALs and other read-protectable PLDs, it seems that some are read-protected and some aren't.