Macintosh Plus - Error Code 017C01

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Macintosh Plus - Error Code 017C01

Does anybody know what the error code "017C01" on a Mac Plus "sad Mac" face indicates?

I know it has something to do with the logic board's ROMs because of the "01" at the beginning. But what does the balance of the code, i.e., "7C01", signify?

Any light anyone can share on this would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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probably not meaningful

The rightmost four digits don't have any particular meaning for a class 01 error, although they are an output of the ROM checksum test loop.

One possible explanation is that the generated checksum is printed if it fails to compare equal to the checksum stored at the end of the ROM. It would be necessary to disassemble the code to be sure.

Knowing the generated checksum ($7C01) doesn't tell you any error location, so it isn't that useful.

You can see all of the known sad mac error codes here.

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