May have an EDD+ and //gs 1Mb memory card to trade.

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May have an EDD+ and //gs 1Mb memory card to trade.

Howdy folks.  I obtained my //gs motherboard and power supply today, both of which thankfully work.


It also came with a beat up case, a fully populated Apple 1Mb memory expansion card (which I don't need because I have a RAMGS/8 for it, and is probably worthless), and an Essential Data Duplicator Plus card, revision B.


For the unaware, the EDD+ is a disk controller card that supports half- and quarter-tracks, and "reads raw data streams" (according to web searches, though I am not sure how this differs from the way the Disk ][ does it).  It is extremely useful for duplicating copy-protected software.  Brutal Deluxe has put out some updated software for it, for free I believe.


I don't need either of these cards, so I'd like to try to trade them for whatever other old-hardware bits I might find that I need as this project progresses.  Although I might want to keep the memory card in case I need the RAM for something else, since it's pretty much worthless.


But I have no idea what the EDD+ card is worth, for comparison purposes.  Can anyone clue me in?


Thanks!  :)



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Edit: Oh yes, I forgot.  I also have a Grappler+ card that I don't need, but it's *definitely* worthless, heh.