Microsoft VS Github

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Microsoft VS Github

Hello to all AF-members
Yesterday i read a message in newspapers that might affect a lot of members here.
Microsoft has performed a takeover on Github.
thats wierd news.
Most of us remember that FROM THE VERY BEGINNING Microsoft became famous
by stealing code from programmers and by fighting open source. Mr. Gates is really not
a nice guy ! so that takeover of one of the largest open surce-platforms is a serious threat
to the open source community !
It might get very priorized to rescue code, before it "vanishes" from that platform ( or gets stolen )
and github should be observed now very well...
and programmers should think very careful if they want to take risk of publishing there code as
"free giveaway" to Mr. Gates...

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Thanks for starting this

Thanks for starting this thread Speedy.

A day before the "takeover" I moved all my repos to my own web server, and migrated a few repos to other git web services (there are lots of other ones) like and gitlab. I also deleted one account. I removed all my Apple II links to the service which means I may need to do a search for "AppleWin" the next time I want to download the latest version -- no big deal. I hope some programmers move their code to other services, or even better host their own code on their own web servers. If I see code is moved to other services, I will add the links back in.

Eventually people may realize that convergence and walled gardens are the last gasps of a dying era (remember TV?). Free and open spaces on the internet are found on the smaller sites like applefritter (thanks Tom Owad), and distributed places that may be a little more difficult to find or navigate but I think they are a richer experience without the cost of lock-in.

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mmphosis wrote:Thanks for

Hello mmphosis,
when i read the newspaper note on the incident i just had a flashback on the "early days"....
I'm kind of dinosaur and i do remember well the behaviour of Mr. Gates behaviour just from his very beginning and the startup of microsoft... followed by the war between apple and microsoft and the trial about windows vs. mac-os and >SOS on the lisa.... and the numerous trails raleted to stolen code....
many users nowadays have not experienced those days so i thought it to become urgent to remind
users about Mr. Microsoft and his behaviour - to avoid "bad wakeup" and surpise about future expectations....

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