Modifications for Russian Apple-1 Project FINISHED!

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Modifications for Russian Apple-1 Project FINISHED!

Hello everyone!


So. I started this project in very late December of 2021, and I have kept at it ever since. It is now February 20th, 2022 haha! But now, the time has finally come to finish this. I am so happy to have done this for the community. So, with out further ado, I am RELEASING the third & FINAL revision of my modifications that I have done to the original Russian Gerber files made my Misha almost a decade ago. These files will also be free like the Rev.1 & Rev. 2 files are, however if you want to donate anything as an appreciation for the time I devoted to this, that is also welcome (wink), contact me offline. I will state that Rev. 3 took MUCH less time than I thought to do (a day), and there were VERY small changes that were made in this Revision. Now, if anyone wants to fund testing the design by helping to have PCBs made, you all are more than welcome to. (I REPEAT YOU CAN MAKE PCBs TO TEST THE DESIGN, I AM NOT LIABLE IF A TEST BOARD DOESN'T WORK.) So, the FINAL gerbers will be uploaded to my google drive as well as the Rev.1 & Rev. 2 files that have already been released. I sincerely hope the community likes what I have done with this project!


So, have at it!


Also, here are the notes for the Revision:

So, with that being said, I hope everyone likes it! 





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