Monitor recaps: Need parts lists

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Monitor recaps: Need parts lists

So I have three green phosper displays that need a recap.  The first is an Amdek 300, the second is an Apple Monior ///, and the last is a Kaga KG-12NU.  I also have an Apple Monitor II (the one with a tilt screen) that will fliker initilly, if left idle for an extended period, but stabolizes after a while.

Additionally, I have a Color/Composite Apple //c monitor that needs a recap as well.  Console5 has a kit for the //e model, but I don't know if that translates to the //c.

For the most part, the screens work, but the image flickers on all but the Monitor II. Unfortunately, for the moment, is not the ideal display for games and some programs as its current tube was salvaged from an IBM 5151.  So the phophor has a pretty high persistance.  

In any case, if any one has the cpacitor lists for each of these monitors, it would be appreciated.

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Unless the capacitors failed explosively, it is usually not difficult to identify their specs.

One thing I'll say is that failures of small (5 to 10mm diameter) electrolytics are far more common than the larger ones. They never had much electrolyte to begin with, so they dry up and get high ESR faster.

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