My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

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My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

I recently bought an Apple //e Platinum from a local seller I found on eBay. I got the Computer itself w/ 64k/80col card and floppy controller, one floppy drive and the Apple composite monitor. Condition over all was good. I took it home and clean it up some and did some research on upgrades and improvements.

I found out there was an amazing resurgence in these machine and some really innovative hardware being made for them. I learned that someone had figured out how to remove the yellowing that occurs on the chassis (aka retrobrite). I took the machine completely apart and did this, what an amazing transformation, it looks like a new machine.

I then started to collect some of the amazing 'New' cards that have been produced for the II series:

[b]CFFA 3000[/b] - Floppy / HD emulator - In my personal opinion this is the most amazing card ever produced for the Apple II series, it enables you you to load images of floppies and/or hard drives from either a USB and/or CF card. You can do this from a simple menu at boot up by press the 'M' key.
[url=]CFFA 3000[/url]

[b]RAMWorks IIII Memory Upgrade card[/b] - This card is exactly what it sounds like its a continuation of the original Applied Eng Ram expansion cards, only this one uses modern tech and RAM chips to get the same results with less chip count and much lower power usage. It does come in kit form so you have to assemble the card yourself, this may not be for everyone, but it keeps the price low.
[url=]Ramworks IIII[/url]

[b]VGA Scaler Card[/b] - A VGA output card for the Apple II series - simply amazing that I can now use an LCD flat screen Monitor on my 30+ year old Apple II. The card does require some semi-technical installation as you have to run some jumper leads depending on the slot you choose and the model machine you have.
[url=]VGA Scaler Card[/url]

[b]Mockingboard-k[/b] - A Korean made clone of the mockingboard, its the only one I could find many people have made clones none really seem to still be in production so I bought what I could find. [i]NO speck chip sockets.[/i]
[url=]Only info I could find on the card[/url]

[b]Uthernet II[/b] - A network card for the Apple II series, it allows for basic TCP/IP protocols to be used for things such as file transfers and usenet. This works as described but is not for the layman, as you must use a suite of tools to get these functions completed. None the less a very neat idea and card.
[url=]Uthernet II[/url]

[b]No Slot Clock[/b] - a re-imagining of the original but this one has a replaceable battery and lower profile.
[url=]No Slot Clock[/url]

I did have the power supply in my machine make a loud pop, and pour smoke from the power supply with about 1 hour of use on it after I got the machine. I took it apart and found out the line filtering capacitor had exploded (I mean really exploded electrolytic mess all over the inside of the housing). Funny thing is that it kept working! I could of course just bypassed it or replace the cap, but I thought its 30 years old and well I bought some nice cards to go in this and have a lot of work in it and well really like this machine. I thought it best to go to a modern, more efficient unit, that uses less power, generates less heat, and is all all NEW components. I found that UltimateApple2 makes a power supply kit that fits inside the Apple II series aluminum case uses the original wires and is very affordable.

[url=]Apple // Series power Supply Kit[/url]

[b]RetroConnector Joystick Interface[/b] - I also remember that when I owned an apple back in the 80's, I always hated the analog joystick designs. I know that some people like them and thats perfect for them, I personally hated them all of them. So I looked for an option, I was able to find a USB to Apple II series 16 pin adapter. Its a neat solution does not work for every game perfectly, but I like it much better.
[url=]RetroConnector Joystick Interface[/url]

I remoted all the connectors that would be internal to the rear back plane:

[*]USB Thumb Drive for the CFFA 3000
[*]RetroConnector USB connection
[*]VGA Connector
[*]Mode Switch for the VGA Scaler Card
[*]Network interface for the Uthernet II

[b]The Monitor[/b] - I wanted the machine to be a modern re-imagining of the original, so the monitor (although an LCD flat screen) needed to look period correct and match the original. I dis-assembled the monitor and Bondo'ed out the front DELL logo and painted a close paint match. My intention is to find a smaller colored Apple Logo and embed that into the plastic like Apple did on their monitor. As you can see it has a logo now but I am not happy with the look.

Some Photos:

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

If it wasn't such a destructive process, it would look smart if your LCD screen could be swivel-mounted to the rear of the case (laptop style).

I liked the finger-gripped 1980's style joysticks. I seem to recall there was an Apple branded one, which was rectangular in shape and made from metallic housing (coasted with the same colour as //e colour of course). Push buttons were circular (red and blue) and only slightly raised from the housing (like a couple of coins). The stick itself was also metallic from memory and I seem to recall that the tip of it was removable for some reason. The tip was also pressed with cross-hatch style indentations for grip.

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

That's an awesome looking piece. You've configured your ][e quite nicely.
Nicest one I've seen in fact. Makes me want to do the same with one of mine.
Thumbs up on the setup! Thanks for sharing!

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)


Very Cool!

Steven Smile

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

What camera did you use?

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

What a nice system! Great job!

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

What camera did you use?

Nikon D90 w/ Nikkor 18-200 3.5-5.6GII

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Re: My Apple //e Platinum Build Out (rebuild)

Nice system you got there!

I'd like to get a IIe Platinum some day.

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