My poor SE/30 battery exploded

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My poor SE/30 battery exploded
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Hello I have an SE/30 that has worked perfectly for years. I hadn't started it up for awhile and when I did I heard no chime and the screen is black with a random horizontal starburst type white flashes every so often. I opened her up and to my horror the battery has exploded. One of thbattery holders metal clips dissolved, some weird white crud was everywhere.
Can this be fixed? If not, are the boards available anywhere? I'm bummed.

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Re: My poor SE/30 battery exploded

Per online instructions I washed it with lukewarm water and a couple drops of dishwashing liquid. Some of the white crud is stubborn. One of the battery holders metal clips is dissolved (yikes!) and it came off in the wash. Is this board even salvageable? I'm so angry an inexpensive little battery did this to my little Mac. He's been in the family for so long. It has an Ethernet card and was running 7.5.5 from a ZIP disk. I installed the mode32 to max the memory. Such a fun computer.

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Re: My poor SE/30 battery exploded


My first impression from looking at all the pictures is that
you would be better off removing everything that is removable (RAM, etc.)
and getting yourself a new board.

Repairs to this one would be extensive.

Yes...I know. It's not easy picking up just the MB,
but sometimes you can pick one up off of eBay for a reasonable price.
Sometimes, you can even get a whole SE/30 for a reasonable price.

If I happen to see a listing for one I will send it your way.

Steven Smile

Make him an offer:

Or try this:

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Re: My poor SE/30 battery exploded



Too bad this one is really an SE motherboard. Correctly identified in the description but the auction title is incorrect.

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