Need help making my own VPN

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Need help making my own VPN

I am new to this so do forgive my ignorance as I catch up my knowledge.

I want to build a VPN. This is my goal. I need to be able to access it from anywhere in the world. I intend to store files, pictures, music (maybe), and possibly print. I may use my iPhone or a laptop (running OS or OS 9.x.x).

One possible scenario of use is as follows: I take a photo on my iPhone. It goes back to my laptop (OS X). It gets backed up (via Time Capsule or by manual file move) to my Time Capsule Airport device located somewhere over the internet. While I am at it, I download select data from shared libraries on my home computer/Time Capsule.

Alternate Scenario: I create a calendar or note on my Newton. I dock the Newton and the data is available on my laptop. I connect to the VPN and then send my note to a printer located somewhere over the internet.

Assets: I have an working copy of AppleShare IP (6.something which runs on OS 8.x). I have a PM 8600 (G3 upgraded) running OS 9.x. I have an old StarMax Clone (has AppleShare IP installed with OS 8.x). I have a MacBook Pro (2.6GHz Duo running X.11.16). I have a Time Capsule (3TB). Current ISP is AT&T DSL.

I plan to acquire a PowerBook and run 9.x in support of my Newtons and related hardware.

Can I build my VPN starting with the StarMax and AppleShare? Should I purchase my own domain (i.e. or something similar)? Is there a way to make a VPN connection without having the AppleShare system at all? Would this be easier if I had a Time Capsule located at either location (one at 'home' and one at 'other home')?