Need iBook G4 trackpad wiring schematic

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Need iBook G4 trackpad wiring schematic

Here’s the deal: I’m trying to build a Hackintosh.

It’s going into the empty case for a Mac SE.

Originally, I took the logic board from an iBook G4 with a bad display, installed that in the case, and installed the trackpad module in the top of the SE – it’s pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the board failed, so I need to do something else. But I still want to use the trackpad, which as I said is now part of the case.

So here’s the thing. When it was the G4 logic board, I could wire the trackpad direct to the board, using the connectors that came with it. Do you still use it with anything else, obviously that’s not an option, so I’m going to need to splice it to a USB cable.

But I don’t know which wire goes where or does what.

that’s why I need some sort of schematic or diagram indicating what each wire corresponds to in a USB cable - so I can connect them.

Obviously, this plan is all blown if there is no such way to do that, or if there are different requirements- power, etc - between A USB cable and the trackpad wiring. But one thing at a time.

So there it is. Does anyone by chance have or know where to find that info?