New Applefritter server

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New Applefritter server

Applefritter is leaving the Linode VPS that we've been using since 2018 and heading back to a dedicated server. This server will be exclusively for Applefritter, rather than shared with my business clients as the VPS is.  The main impetus for the move is increased disk space – 4 TB. I have a lot of documentation I want to scan, and I'd like to do it at high resolution so I never, ever have to do it again. And I'd like to be able to host videos, without worrying about space.

A perk of the dedicated server is that we'll be able to run virtual machines, and I've purchased a /29 block for this purpose. I'm planning on VM for the drupal website and another for related projects. I've been chatting with ex-parrot about SSO integration. I'm open to hearing about any ideas, or projects people are interested in working on. This setup will make it a lot easier to give people server access.