New iMac With External BluRay Burner? Advice Requested

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New iMac With External BluRay Burner? Advice Requested

I'm about to setup my mom with a new iMac. Going to get the 27" and max it out with custom CPU, memory, and video card, and probably a hybrid drive.

Next I will be getting her an external BluRay Disk burner. I'm looking at the Pioneer BDR-2208, which is very reasonably priced at $99 at NewEgg. It's SATA in format, and made as an internal component for a tower, but I figure I can get an enclosure for it and make it an external drive, right? So that's my first question, is this a happily feasible project? Which housings are recommended (for compatibility AND longevity and best possible speed?). Is anyone making a housing with a thunderbolt connector? Or should I stick with USB 3? I'm getting limited results with my searches. Thanks in advance for the help.

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