NeXTstation doesn't boot to GUI

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NeXTstation doesn't boot to GUI


I have a NextStation 1100 running a Next Mach OS 3.0. It was working fine until I accidentally removed some files (including ncb) from the me directory. It was really stupid...

Now it won't boot into the GUI, and instead will show a terminal after showing
Loading form disk…
Loading form disk… spinning
Checking disk…
Checking for Network...

Here's what it says when I boot from the ROM Monitor with bsd command (the dates are way off):

NeXT ROM Monitor 2.5 v66
NeXT Mach 3.0: Wed Jul 29 19:43:28 PDT 1992; root(rcbuilder):mk-127 .15/BUILD/RELEASE_M68K
FPU version 0x41
physical memory = 20.00 megabytes.
available memory = 18.85 megabytes.
using 16 buffers containing 0.12 megabytes of memory
fc0 at 0x2114100
Sony MPX-111N as fd0 at fc0 slave 0
SCSI 53C90A Controller, Target 7, as sc0 at 0x2114000
QUANTUM PD210S Rev 527_ as sd0 at sc0 target 1 lun 0
Disk Label: NeXT_2.1
Disk Capacity 199MB, Device Block 512 bytes
Generic SCSI Device as sg0 at sc0 traget 7 lun 7
Generic SCSI Device as sg1 at sc0 traget 7 lun 7
Generic SCSI Device as sg2 at sc0 traget 7 lun 7
Generic SCSI Device as sg3 at sc0 traget 7 lun 7
en0 at 0x2106000
en0: Ethernet address 00:00:0f:00:e2:a5
IP protocol enabled for interface en0, type "10MB Ethernet"
dsp0 at 0x2108000
np0 at 0x200f000
sound0 at 0x200e000
root on sd0
master cpu at slot 0.

Tue Feb 15 03:50:16 GMT-0600 1994
Checking disks
/dev/rsd0a: file system clean: skipping check
Faking root mount entries
Configuring ethernet interface to -AUTOMATIC-
Using default broadcast address
The network is disabled or your computer isn't connected to it.
ifconfig: automatic address: Network is down
Setting hostname to localhost

erase ^? intr ^C kill ^U
-:tset: not found

I've followed the following topics, and tried the ideas to no avail:

I was wondering if anyone knows why it isn't showing the GUI and how may I fix that?


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Written very well, Really

Written very well, Really like your blog.

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