Older Mac Items for sale or trade

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Older Mac Items for sale or trade

These items have been in storage for over 5 years now, they are being sold or traded   "AS IS"


1) Performa 550 motherboard upgraded to 575 with an original Apple PowerPC upgrade card . Sold "AS IS" untested removed from Performa 550 in storage.





2) MAXpower G3 upgrade w/o FlexStrip for Powermac 7100/8100 part numer 7MXP71/81A Software included



3) Crescendo L2 G3 Processor upgrade card for " Upgrade Challenged" PowerMac computers Part # BG3-400-1M




4) Quicksilver G4 complete Model # MA4983 (except for hard drive) does not power up . Might need new power supply? not sure it did start up a few days ago, but went out again. 


 5) PowerMac 6500 Motherboard, no ram . Does have the PCI riser card.





6) PowerMac  6500 Top bezzle for Zip/jas drive.





7) Genuine Apple Powerbook HDI30 to Centronics SCSI Cable Adapter 590-0718-A


8)  PowerBook SCSI HDI-30 Male to DB-25 Female Adapter Mac Macintosh connector

9) Vintage Apple Macintosh Powerbook Video Cable 


10) Farallon Etherwave Aaui Transceiver 10BT with 2RJ45 Port


11) Apple DVI to ADC Adapter Model: A1006 EMC: 1918 + Power Cables




I'm in need of a PCI SCSI card for a Powermac G4 MDD. 


 I will updating this list with images and other items as i go thru more bins of stuff.