OSX 10.6.8 keyboard layout

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OSX 10.6.8 keyboard layout


This is a kind of a follow up on the keyboard issue I had earlier. Well, the IBM M and the PS/2 to USB is working great with Controllermate being used to remap some of the keys to may the IBM M works with OSX. Alone the way, I got a iMate, I went and dug out my Optimac and Apple Extended II mechanical keyboard to test with the iMate, that where I run into this new problem with the keyboard layout.

I have always left my keyboard as US English. When I use Keyboard Viewer. I get the normal extended keyboard layout with the cursor keys and the numeric pad. Someway alone testing all the keys on the ADB keyboards via the iMate. Somewhere around Print-screen and Insert, I hit a key and the keyboard viewer layout changed from the extended layout to a compact layout. No inverted T cursor and no numeric pad. This isn't that bad, except I also lost the Eject function that's assigned to F12 and with it the Control-F12 for power down. I tried with the keyboard short-cut restore and a re-assign keyboard layout. I haven't got much luck of restoring the keyboard layout. Is there a cache file somewhere I can delete and reset the problem? Got to be something simple I have overlooked.

Thanks for any help.