PineApple Apple II Clone For Sale

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PineApple Apple II Clone For Sale


  • This computer boots to Applesoft
  • The keyboard has been reconditioned, cleaned and a new ribbon cable added.
  • The ram has been tested and bad chips replaced
  • The ROM tests as 100% functional


I am including an original Pineapple Disk drive - please note it does not work.  The original design on these is different internally from the Apple Drives - however I am including a WORKING Apple Drive - you can use the one drive as is, or take the inside of this drive and place it into the Pineapple drive keeping the exterior matching.  You choice - but know the reason I'm including an apple drive is because the pineapple doesn't work but goes with this set.


There is a pineapple (Generic) drive controller included and this works with the computer.


The image is stable on a standard monitor, it's not the best on an LCD, but this was common with Apple machines as well, the color does tend to flicker for me on a LCD


The computer is fully functional and has a few unique features from the original owner (Back has a battery charge pack likely used for a card that needed power when the PC was off),  There are switches on the underside - I'm unsure what these were for but seem to be connected to the game/joystick port.


This is likely going to be a fun computer to play with and experiment with or if nothing else a nice addition to your collection.


All cords are included


What's not included?

- A monitor is NOT included

- In the images you see a system fan - the fan did not work as expected and has been removed.


That said, this machine sells as-is.

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I just won that auction --

I just won that auction -- even if the fan doesn't work as-is, I wouldn't mind if it was included as I could probably fix it.


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