Powerbook 190 Strange Issues

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Powerbook 190 Strange Issues

Hi everyone, new to the forums but not to vintage computing. Hopefully I'm in the right section.

I just recently got a Powerbook 190 (b/w 33 MHz, not the Cs) for free. It has a ram expansion (seeing 52 MB in Finder) and generally runs ok.l except for the batter being completely flat. Are there working replacements? Also, the cosmetics are pretty bad. It's missing screws on the bottom of the case, only one is left. I was planning on ordering more but I can't find the dimensions. I don't care about having the right heads, I just want it together as it's rather floppy and loose at the moment.

Secondly, and more annoyingly, the trackpad acts up frequently. It's rather hard to explain but when I move the mouse with my finger on the pad it moves a bit, stops, and when I lift my finger off the trackpad it returns more or less back to it's original spot. I plugged in an adb mouse which stopped the symptoms and would be useable except that it's incredibly slow, even on maximum speed. We're talking rubbing the mouse furiously to get it to move more than an inch. Weird, right? I don't have any spare parts but I've got access to pretty sophisticated electronics tools and such.

Anyways, it's a neat little machine but has some problems. If any of you have any info on any of the problems in having, thank you for your help in advance. I'd love to get this fixed and put some more metaphorical miles on this machine. If it's help at all I can try to video the problems and upload it eventually.