PowerMac G3 B/W Modification

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PowerMac G3 B/W Modification

Just wondering folks. Would a G4 board and CPU fit in a G3 B/W case?

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Re: PowerMac G3 B/W Modification

*Which* G4 do you have? There were several variations. Some of the earlier G4s (Yikes, Sawtooth, Digital Audio) *might* fit, but the later ones (Quicksilver, Mirrored Drive Doors) likely will not.

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Re: PowerMac G3 B/W Modification

If I remember correctly, there's one case mounting post that has to be removed for a Sawtooth board to fit in a Blue and White G3 case. The Yikes and Sawtooth power supply pinouts are the same.

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Re: PowerMac G3 B/W Modification

There are minor differences in the location and sizes of parts of the cases. For instance, the fan housing of the B&W is a slightly different size and location than the one in the Yikes, making it a problem with installing the hard drives if you switch out one for the other--which way, I don't remember. It may be there could be a problem closing the case because of the heatsinks. Only one way to know. If you try, let us know what happened.

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