RAMFACTOR problems

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RAMFACTOR problems

I have a deceased RamFactor I'd like to bring back to life.  I was lucky enough to have a loaner donor card come my way and after some chip pulling and gnashing of teeth it was discovered to have both a marginal eprom and a dead pal.  The eprom is not much of an issue, I'm managed to get a read out of it, and I have a copy of the one from the donor card.


The PAL on the other hand is a problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions for reading an MMI PAL20X8CNS assuming one of my two exemplars can be read, and once read what is required to burn/program a new copy.  Looking around seems to have been a bit like chasing my tail, a bunch of pages that point to each other, but I can't figure out the bottom line of what I need to get it done.




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