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okay, just not feeling the love from Apple right now.

First, my G4 (MDD) dies, most likely a power supply that will be cheaper to replace the whole machine than fix. And the cost-effective solution of a new Mac Mini requires me to play adapter games to be able to use my existing monitor (which has an ADC connector), which will cost me in excess of $100USD.

The my 8600 decides to give me major grief when I attempt to fix the speech recognition resulting in an extension headache.

Then I get my iPhone upgrade in the mail and quickly learn that my PPC G4 running X.4.11 and iTunes 9.1.1 (both maxed out) do not meet the MSR for iOS 4.x, which wants X.5 and 10.1, respectively. My wife got this before I was able to check the compatibility issues out fully.

So I try to activate my iPhone from my old phone and the stupid menu system routed me to an option that resulted in killing my active SIM on my old phone but not activating my new SIM on my iPhone, AND the "ACTIVATION" number for the AT&T does not exist in any email from AT&T (who sold me the phone) or on any paperwork with the phone. To add insult to injury, I missed the cutoff to call and talk to a real person as it is too late in the evening.

And I cannot get the 2010 patch loaded on my Newton to fix the date bug so the calendar is all jacked up. (Problem here is the 8600 giving me hell on the extensions)

I should have had the extra beer at dinner.