Rebecca "Burger Becky" Heineman to Keynote Kansasfest 2015

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Rebecca "Burger Becky" Heineman to Keynote Kansasfest 2015

KansasFest 2015, the 27th annual Apple II convention, is scheduled for
July 14 –19 in Kansas City, Missouri. Rebecca “Burger Becky” Heineman, a
prolific computer game programmer, designer, and industry veteran, will
join us with a keynote presentation.

Heineman learned programming at age 16 and gained fame in 1980 as the
first National Space Invaders Champion with a score of 165,200. Her
career soon blossomed with credits in over 250 games including classics
such as Tass Times in Tonetown, Dragon Wars, Crystal Quest, The Bard’s
Tale III: The Thief of Fate, Battle Chess, and Wolfenstein 3D. She
developed numerous titles for the Apple IIgs, other contemporary
platforms such as the Macintosh and Super Nintendo, and modern platforms
such as the Xbox 360 and Playstation 4. She has founded or co-founded
multiple game companies, including the venerable Interplay
Entertainment, and worked for many more. Heineman continues to work in
the game industry, and her company Olde Sküül recently announced a new
RPG, Dragons of the Rip. She has not announced an Apple IIgs port.

KansasFest is an annual convention offering Apple II users and
retrocomputing enthusiasts the opportunity to engage in beginner and
technical sessions, programming contests, exhibition halls, and
camaraderie. KansasFest was originally hosted by Resource Central and
has been brought to you by the KFest committee since 1995. Any and all
Apple II users, fans, and friends are invited to attend this year's
event. Registration details will be announced on the KansasFest Web site
in April 2015. For photos, videos, and presentations from past
KansasFests, please visit the event's official Web site at


Last seen: 1 year 7 months ago
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Re: Rebecca "Burger Becky" Heineman to Keynote Kansasfest 2015

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THE WORD OUT! KansasFest 2015 Early Registration ends 05/31! If you frequent a retro-computing enthusiast site or forum we haven't announced on, please help us by posting a link to - Thank you and we hope to see you attend!

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