"Resumes and Shoe-Leather

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"Resumes and Shoe-Leather

"Resumes and Shoe-Leather"

The internet; as we know it, is really not that old.
A lot of us that started with computers in the very late '60's, '70's,
and '80's, did not have the luxury of "Instant Contact" with other
computer hobbyist's. Even in the '90's the Internet was unreliable and contacts were difficult.
We read Magazines, Books, Newspaper Articles, and anything we could
get our hands on for information.

We used "Snail-Mail", and Dial Telephones to contact folks who could
possibly; just possibly, help us get the information we were hungry for.

It was exactly the same for the Job Market.
Do you actually think that people used Job Websites then?

The process was called "Resumes and Shoe-Leather":

You found a job you were interested in.
You wrote your Resume using a Typewriter.
You reviewed your resume for mistakes. (Sometimes more than once)
You retyped the resume into its Final Form.
You then called the Personnel Department of the Company you were interested in to make an Appointment for an Interview.
You dressed in a Two, or Three-Piece Suit.
You drove, or walked (Shoe-Leather) to the company Headquarters.
You were at least 15 minutes early.
Whoever interviewed you would, some times, make copies of your Resume (WHAT??? You forgot to get a Mimeograph machine to make
copies???),bring in several other people in the Department you were aiming for, so they could ask you questions.
They would invariably all say " Thank you for coming in. We will contact you with our decision."

But wait a minute.
You think that this is happening for just One Job?
Oh No!
You have at least 10 to 12 Interviews scheduled for just this week alone.
That is just 10 to twelve DIFFERENT RESUMES (Plus Copies).
Because each Company has a DIFFERENT RESUME STYLE.
That means you have to make your resume fit their style.

Now imagine doing this 10 to 12 Resumes a week for six months, just to have the possibility of getting the job you want?

Boiling it down:

"Resumes and Shoe-Leather" is still out there, right beside and a little back to the left, of all the new Job Sites.
The Internet is a wonderful device. It can give you Instant Gratification of a need or want.
But there are many of us who are considered "Old School".
I am considered one of the "Old-Timers".
I will search for things I want to know in unusual places.
I will also try my best to help other people who seek information, whatever the form.

I want to wish everyone a "Happy Holiday Season!"

"God Bless Us, Everyone."

Tiny Tim

Steven Smile

(I guess this amounts to about $5.00 lol)


Steven (gsmcten)

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