Retronaut: New video on origins of Apple II

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Retronaut: New video on origins of Apple II

In this video I explore the origins of the Apple II, its first iteration and why it makes such a great choice for a retro computer collection.


In 1977 a trio of computers were launched in the USA and they kicked-off the micro computing revolution. Of the three, the Apple II proved to have more longevity than anyone would have expected.

It became a home computing favourite and in time it would grow into a family of micros that helped pioneer professional video game development.


In this video we look at the trinity of micros launched in 1977, how they were all inspired by a previous 1975 trinity and how the Apple to compared to its competitors.

We go on to look at what made the original 1977 Apple II so great and also look at some of its foibles and limitations.


The Apple II: CH01 - An Era Defining Micro


Hope you enjoy!



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