RGB Card hard-wired to Motherboard

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RGB Card hard-wired to Motherboard
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My latest acquisition, a ][e from '84 has a RGB Card that has 3 wires soldered on 1 side onto 3 lined-up and clearly labelled contacts on the card and soldered onto pins of what looks like C65 and C57, but I could be wrong on those labels.

I have attached pictures of the card and motherboard.

Has anybody got an idea why that would have been done. I am guessing the RGB card didn't need such kind of surgery to work.

Many thanks!

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Re: RGB Card hard-wired to Motherboard


The Blue and ReD "Clips" wrap around the chip pins.
I would say the third wire is somehow wrapped around the other chip pin and if you lift the chip the wire will come away. Smile

Give it a shot.

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