Seeking program desperately

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Seeking program desperately

Hi to all, friends.

Im seeking a Apple 2e - plus for many years and i dont found it.

Im seeking at least the name of it.

Info that i know about it:

1 - A relationship program;

2 - The user input their complete name on it;

3 - The user answer questions about themes;

4 - The program cross database and compare the answers with answers from others users added early;

5 - The program show the compatilibility between users of different gender through of percentage %.



If i input data in program + others girls (for example, Ana) the program could exhibit something like this: S.A.M is 80% compatible with Ana. Im not sure if text is exactly this.

I remember that name of it here was called "micro cupido". 

Im from Brazil. Sorry for my english errors.

Is lacking only this program for my collection in Apple 2 emulator.

Any help is welcome.