Self-introduction & link to my projects page

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Self-introduction & link to my projects page

Hello everyone,

allow me to introduce myself, this is Claudio from Milan, Italy.


I had the pleasure and privilege to meet some of you at VCF West in 2019 in Mountain View ("The great Apple-1 gathering") and I strongly hope there will be other occasions in the future.

I always read you with interest and curiosity, even if I never posted here before.


Now that I've finally managed to organize a bit my projects related to the "Apple-1 world" (and not only) I'd like to share them with you, hoping that they will be useful... and maybe inspiring.

Most of them are complete with docs, schematics, gerber files, etc. and often there are videos that "show" the projects themselves.


This is the link to the main page:


If you have any question... just ask!

Read you soon with more projects!

Enjoy! :-)