speaking of Apple III

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speaking of Apple III

what's up with this recent rash of Apple III on fleaBay? I counted five active listing right now. For a long time it was more like one every six months...

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Re: speaking of Apple III

Misery loves company? Monkey see, monkey do? Who knows.

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Re: speaking of Apple III

Dorkbert and David,

You are both right.

It has started with a whimper...

It has grown to several whimpers in the past two weeks.

And actually, a couple of them should be added to the "This is Laughable" list.

Just because. Smile

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Re: speaking of Apple III

I was wondering that myself. I snapped up mine because in prior experience it had always been very rare to see one. There was even a III+ recently (hope I see that again soon, that'd finish off my Apple 2/3 collection nicely).

Also seems like there's a ton of A2S1s lately too. I just watched (and barely stayed out of) that auction for a Rev 0 that ended at $3000. Thought that was rather low. I will be ready for the next one if that's the benchmark.

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Re: speaking of Apple III

I know of at least two rather extensive private collections that were scooped up by John Woodall (aka vintagemicros dot com) in the past couple of months. Much of what you're seeing is coming from those caches.

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Re: speaking of Apple III

i have 5 Apple III's, 3 from Germany, 2 from Belgium
acquired years ago

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