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Super software sales

Have to downsize and I have a lot of 5.25 floppies of all kinds of stuff; some original and some copies. I estimate 80-85% of the copies work fine. The copies worked fine in 2021.  Some were nibbled copied and drive speed might have to be adjusted for those 15%. I have gotten rid of most of my Apple 2 e's.Anyway, essentially I would charge a little less than $1/disk plus the cost of mailing. I have 7 categories with the cost per category (1) Adventure - $10/13 disks (2) Role play $15/21 disks (3) Infocoms & thattype $20/29 disks (4) Games-sports etc $15/21 disks (5) Utilities like Beagle Bros, CIA etc $10/16 disks (6) Copy programs $8/8disks (7) Stats, math, lab $15/30 disksSome have paper documents included. Some were never used (had commercial duplicates). Easy, cheap shipping within the 48 by UPS ground. I'll include a few blank disks and if I have storage containers I'll throw them in too for the 1st ones who want them. I have an Excel file of what is in the categories, but for under a buck, isn't it worth a chance?I have been known to sell way below what most expect. Payment by PayPal.