Techtran Datacassette - how do I use it?

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Techtran Datacassette - how do I use it?

I have a techtran datacassette PXL 1000.

I can't find any information about this machine anywhere, but it looks like a portable version of the Techtran Datacassette 816/817/818


According to some research:

A data cassette storage & communications unit featuring file access capabilities at speeds up to 240 cps.

I am fascinated with wanting to use this thing. I bought it online a couple years ago and have gotten nowhere with it. I assume it is not "random access" but more in line with a typical cassette drive, that said, I know other Techtran datacassette machines have some sort of additional functionality...

That said, I also know that this works through a tape saturation method that combined with high speed motors allows for 9600 baud communications. 

According to a Techtran advertisement the unit should be:"microprocessor-based with standard rs-232 interfaces. " 

I know this is a "family" of products, and I can't assume what is stated for one model will apply to this PXL 1000.It is housed in a samsonite style case, but it is massive (though lighter than appears)There are manuals on ebay (though not for this portable model!) but I'm hoping either someone out there has a scanned copy or can just help me with making a go of this on one of my micros.


--- I will add that my general understanding is that this is basically an ASCII encoded storage system for TERMINALS.

That if I put a micro on a terminal emulator, and playback this data to the micro it will output at 9600 baud whatever I've recorded. That would include the ability to "receive" files and so on that comes from a typical terminal data stream. Likewise, I can record whatever data im transmitting from a terminal into the recorder at up to 9600 baud, etc. etc. etc.  However since it itself has settings and switches and so on with a microcontroller of some kind, I'm just not certain exactly how I might operate this. 


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All I can find ...

All I can find ...


Any other search leads to turntables. (thank you google...)

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