Tecmar LabMaster AD211 Card

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Tecmar LabMaster AD211 Card

Just got this card today with hopes of gathering as much info on the card as I can.

The TecMar LabMaster AD211 was one of the first multi-functional data acquisition cards for the Apple ][, though the card was mostly produced in 1980 to 1981. In it's essence, this is an 8-channel Analogue to Digital Converter Board. The Company was located in Ohio, USA.

The board's claim to fame:
12 bit accuracy and resolution
30 kHz conversion rate standard
Jumper selectable input ranges: ±10V, ±5V, 0V to 10V, 0V to 5V
Output formats: two’s complement, binary, offset binary
Includes high-speed sample and hold

The bad part ... I have nothing for it. No software or instruction manual. Just the card. (actually have 2 cards) I did an extensive search but could find only a few projects that used it "back in the day"...
My plan is to reverse engineer this card, as it looks fairly simple in design and I believe there are some folks here that might like to see (or build) it.

So, my question to all my Fritter critter friends,
Does anyone have any additional info regarding this card?
Thank you in advance.


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Re: Tecmar LabMaster AD211 Card

That is very cool... I wish I knew more about it... These kinds of devices are of interest to me..

I found this link:

It appears they started with S100 Bus Systems, then the Apple ][ then the IBM PC...

LabMaster still appears to be in Business... You might contact them to see if they have any Vintage Documentation... That worked in the case of Videx... Wink


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