Trade: 40 pins TI sockets + some 74 logics w/correct datecodes

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Trade: 40 pins TI sockets + some 74 logics w/correct datecodes
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I'm new here, I've been lurking for a while and found interesting info and topics so I decided to register because Applefritter seems the right place to be, especially after I started (at last!) to build my first Apple 1 replica (a NTI version).
I began gathering components, in my stock I had several pulls from boards scrapped years ago and I found some more logics from '73 to '77 than I expected, so I have set up a small trade list. I have also found some extra TI 40 pin sockets (the right ones) most still sealed, so here they are.

Please note that:
- All of these ICs are pulls and untested, I don't have an IC tester yet but I may try some of them in my vintage computers ( e.g. Apple II+ ) if someone is interested.
- I'm in Italy and I would prefer to deal with someone in the EU, given high shipping rates here (even for such small things) and our customs well known inefficiency. Nevertheless, I'm ready to at least discuss with anyone interested and to look for a cheap and reliable way to send items across the ocean.

OK, 'nuff said, here's the list Smile
Will edit if more ICs show up.


Texas Instruments 40 pin sockets, low profile, closed frame, still sealed in couples. 10 Available, possibly more.

ICs Signetics, vertical marks

1 x N7408A (7530)

ICs Signetics, horizontal marks

2 x 74LS00N (7705)

ICs Fairchild

1 x 9N04 / 7404PC (7422)
1 x 9N04 / 7404PC (7420)
2 x 9N04 / 7404PC (7426)
1 x 74S00PC / 9S00 (7508)
1 x 74161PC (7709)
2 x 74LS51PC (7631)
3 x 74LS51PC (7735)

Texas Instruments

5 x SN74175N (7548)
1 x SN74123N (7414)


2 x SN74161N (7420)
3 x SN74174N (7419, 7420, 7425)

Other manufacturers with correct datecodes: ask and I will check


Texas Instruments Sockets (all except 40 pin)
DS0025C (datecode not important)
44 pin edge connector (green, without screw mounting edges)
Big Sprague capacitors (39D... datecode not important as long as right part code and colour)