Trades? Scaling back a few pieces

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Trades? Scaling back a few pieces

Thought I would scale back a few parts. I would prefer trading for other parts.

-Platinum IIe w/ the following
-Transwarp IIe (Max 3.6mhz)
-Ramworks III (1mb)
-Mouse card
-2x5.25" drive controllers
-ATX power supply
-2x5.25" drives
-Echo II speech board
-Working IIe board (From a platinum)
-2xStock language cards (again from platinums)

I have some non-apple composite displays that are probably cost prohibitive to ship. I also have a c64, LED power comes on but I haven't the cabling to connect it up, so I can't verify it boots to basic.

I am primarily interested in a accelerator solution for IIgs, ethernet for my SE/30, maybe Amiga or Atari ST goodness (Sorry for heresy Smile ), Maybe appletalk stuff, laserwriter, or Apple scanner. Might consider cash.

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