VidHD color artifact quality

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VidHD color artifact quality

For those curious about how VidHD handles NTSC artifact colors in HGR and DHGR graphics modes, here is a video capture of several Apple II programs:

Rescue Raiders
Captain Goognight
Hard Hat Mack
Mr. Do
Bard's Tale
Dazzle Draw slideshow
Cavern Creatures

The VidHD board is coming October 2018 for $129. Email to join the waiting list.

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VidHD Availability?

Hi John,

What's the availability of the VidHD board?  Do you have a small pile ready-to-sell?  I think you'd have a few buyers here, as we've been discussing it.



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Update on VidHD

We are sorry to inform you that we are currently out of stock of the VidHD cards.  


At this time, we are unable to reorder one of the components on the card due to the vendor discontinuing the part.  We are researching for an alternative and hope to have a new VidHD card for you soon!


We appreciate your patience as it may take quite some time for the new card to be available to the public.


You will be placed on a waitlist and we will inform you once the VidHD card is available to purchase.


Again, thank you for your support and patience.


VidHD Team.

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